Sunday, March 8, 2015

Shaved Amazon body!

No, it's not related to Brazil and is has nothing to do with peeling. It's all about preparing our beauty for Elmia Motor Show. As we gathered this Saturday, we were all prepared to use our muscles, to freeze, to get dirty and to fill our lungs with dust from paint remover. But before, we were able to display our strength and braveness we luckily had the possibility to enjoy Gitte's & Mario's Kalte Platte which we successfully combined with coffee and Danish pastry.

Perhaps not good for your body... but tasty and good for the soul. And it did prepared us mentally for hard work.

Besides, there were obstacles to overcome, like Ragnars stranded Mini with crank bearing failure.
A nice combo. German Sausage & Cheese culture combined with Scandinavian Fika. A nice and balanced way to get energy and ideas.

Ragnar, normally fast a guy who now suffer a crank bearing failure, blocked the Amazon body's path to open air. 
 We got a lift off 
The Body is almost levitating a lot thanks to almost magic forces and partly its weight loss !
We are soon there !
A little higher !
Landed ! safe and sound 
What..the...hell.. have we created? At this point in time we didn't think too much since we still shivered from using out muscles.
And here's the body as its resting while waiting for the crew with angle grinders to arrive.
Afterwards, Kalle and Anders were in reflection mode as they're thinking about the next steps.
Thinking is good. Reflection is even better. But to act is as good as it gets. Which is why we let the Amazon body rest on the roof for a while. 
All good. The body is again resting in comfort on the frame after a short moment of insecurity. Isn't the chop top Amazon Wagon in bare bone metal really nice? We think so.

Remark: It should as well be said that the enabler for this rapid change from a body with 4 layers of stone hard 30-45 years old paint to a bare bone sheet metal body was, again, Gitte who without any kind of wining just fired up her heat pistol and removed a lot of paint, while the rest of us was either talking or found comfort with a bottle of wine. Thanks, Gitte!

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