Sunday, March 1, 2015

Strip the paint....a painful job.

Let's meet on Sunday and remove all paint from the Amazon body (the race car). We just we roll it out and attack it simultaneously with four slow-spinning angle grinders. It will most likely be sunny outside and we'll be done in an hour. How difficult can it be?
That's how it sounded when we discussed the topic. Why don't you use paint remover ?Ragnar asked, in an almost arrogant manor.  We of course ignored him. Paint remover? Why?
When we woke up this Sunday morning, it was snowing and raining in Gothenburg (a weather which is very representative for Gothenburg) ...but we were determined. So we drank a gallon of coffee and then we revved up our angle grinders. What happened? We  were soon dusty as bakers, but the first layer of paint on the car was just a little matt. Then we solved the dust by using a vacuum cleaner while sanding. Less dust, but really slow and boring process.
But wait a minute, didn't Gitte remove all paint from their Volvo P1800 ES, by using a heat pistol?
 Yes, heat pistol and patience works. Unfortunately, we only have the heat pistol...
 Maybe we should try paint remover instead? If is works, it has one advantage, you can discuss car dreams while waiting for the paint to soften up a little. Kalle and Magnus are here brutally applying the chemical stuff.
The we added more paint remover using the same method.
3 hours later: Yes, the paint is getting softer. But will this method really be sufficient? If it wouldn't have been for bad weather, we would have been ready now.  Just as you know, Ragnar.

Neveretheless, in a couple of days, we'll know more. It feel good though that there is some kind of project progress even when we're home sleeping. To be continued....

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