Sunday, August 2, 2015

We are all beginners with a slight burned smell

We are all beginners at some point giving us the luxury to learn and develop.

For a long time we have been staring at the next step on our learning curve…. TIG welding aluminum, a must to take our dream closer to reality. 

We could of course have called in the expert, payed and have had some really nice welds on our parts.
We choose to do it differently, saving the money while spending the time getting fragments of competence and some ugly welds….

Ok, with some massaging and redoing it worked out. We would for sure not be able to earn our living on AL welding, and before the pictures, a word of warning, you shall use proper clothing and safety protection !!!! meaning not T-shirt, shorts and flip flops… I learned it the hard way all tough you get a nice tan.

It's amazing how fast you are (I am) when you (I) get hot metal on you (my) foot. Later on i had some remarks regarding my smell... welding fumes , Burned skin and aftershave (noticeable even after a proper shower) 

There's a first time for everything....but practices makes perfect… well maybe welds that we dare to test with water since it's the cooling tank and not the fuel tank.
Note perfect at all but a beginning 
  The cool box… waiting fore some more welds

We are dealing with the elements that makes horsepower, beside water and air.

Anders had an idea using the N3T air inlet in combination with some nice Al bends/tubes and a huge throttle for the air and started to set up the perquisites .

Anders toke the standard air intake milled away what he didn't like 

 Anders, Carina, Radar ( yeah, he got his nickname from M.A.S.H) and the SAJO milling machine, The SAJO 54 milling machine.
 Inlet manifold cut (milled) open to enable 3 times higher flow, and a somewhat bigger throttle. Bigger is sometimes better...90mm is very close to god,...sorry close to good.
Tubular bells? Or just aluminum on a
steel? It's in the eye of the beholder.

Now it was time for Anders to approach AL TIG welding with proper safety equipment !!!!
Packaging check. Important stuff. 
Its getting there with some grinding and tweaking it will be good and we will of course test it for leakage.

- Does it look like an low cost epic 6 leg horse (could it be Sleipner) to you? (Nordic mythology Sleipner was Odens horse and had 8 legs and focus on speed)

-Hell no! even if we like our heritage this is a inlet manifold with potential almost at the same level as Thors hammer.

Anders and his creation. And yes, you got it, he's somewhat proud.

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