Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In search of Speed...we found thing to cheer us up!

Word of advice; -Don't go to US with Carina and me with the aim of looking at Land Speed Racing.

Reason why: We have bad influence on weather conditions at Land Speed racing tracks.

One year (2010, if I remember correctly) we tried to go to El Mirage to see the last race of the season. Result? It was cancelled du to rain. So we went back the to hotel and thought that this won't happen again...but it could happen last summer, as we had our breakfast in San Dimas we got the message: Speed Week is cancelled due to rain. 

Then again, this year we planned a new trip to US to visit World Finals at Bonneville. Yes, you guessed was cancelled.

So what can a couple do in the blistering sun under the palm trees when races are cancelled?
Go walk on the beach? Or even swim? Bad idea. Why? The boots might get wet. And you will get bored after 10min.

Better Land Speed Racing substitutes:

Go to Mooneye, buy some cool stuff and admire their ramp trucks.
Take a tour to Hollywood Hot Rod and study while amazing cars is being born.


Go to a breathtaking museum like the Mullin Museum and study cars which most of us have only seen in your dreams.

Is it a plane? Or is it just Superman? No, it's a Hispano-Suiza H6B Dubunnet Xenia 1938


It's actually difficult to stop looking at the Bugatti SC57 Atlantic

and I think you understand why. Did I mentioned magnesium?

This aluminum body is as well hard to take in. Very inspiring.

Conclusion: There are activities to comfort car guys and girls looking for Speed and Salt. But Salt Slush Racing never give up. Eventually we will see and participate in Land Speed racing even though it seems like we're fighting against strong Rain Gods.

Back home in Sweden it's time head to the workshop with the task to start-up the build of the Land Speed Race engine that will make our Amazon fast. We now finally, have all the parts for the lower base engine.

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