Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sometimes you let go and sometimes…..

Sometimes you need a change ! ? 

On and off mostly on you need to transport stuff around and what is more suitable than a Pick up
Some year ago (5 - 10 years) we sold below Chevy 1500 Ext short bed.

It was one of the best cars we have had OK it used some fuel but it was more than offset by it's low maintenance cost. 5 could travel in rather good comfort and you could, as said before move your stuff around.

And best of all, you could have a tailgate party (or Pick Nick / Fika)

I bought it in Phoenix (a story in itself from an old man in a senior trailer camp) 1999 cleaned it up and lowered it. 

Nice and rather low ground clearance, around 3 inches which is rather low for such a long vehicle.
Looks good.

Why did we sell it ? Even my wife agrees it was one of the better cars.

Now my son has started to talk about pick up's which can be a sign to "pick up" a good habit.

Below is my Ford from 1946 I thought it made sence to show it since Hakan and Carina is waiting for their Coupe to arrive. I bought mine when I was 16 years old, restored it and had it for around 20 years until I wanted to move on to more drivable cars. It was a full restuaration  Chassi, Powertrain, body, interior electrical, chrome paint etc…. Took some time but learned a lot   

It looks good 

Kind of elegant in grey 

AAHHHH!!!!! Wonder's what Hakans and Carinas  looks like ?

A Swedish alternative to Pick up is a Volvo Duet (I like them a lot). This was a kind of the beginning of all Volvo Wagons, before they defined the flying brick !!! 
Bought this one since it looked good…. but it turned out to be mostly rust which ended up in some heavy welding, new sheet metal etc….. Parts from other cars….
Getting closer to paint


Looked good

Just some more bright work and details, then it's good.

Sold it since I needed the money to buy a horse trailer. Sometimes the voice of the family guides you where you have to go.

Conclusion You need to let go to be able to move on.

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