Sunday, February 28, 2016

Under Pressure and Connected! -The Movie!

It's time. Time for the Cable Men & The Computer Geeks to arrive on the scene.  
The Salt Slush Racing team is now in a dynamic phase, a can't-stop-working kind of phase, an exiting and a nervous phase. In a period when it's time to get serious and get that motor running and head on the raceway.
We're now waking up function by function before we unleash the Beast. 
First we raised the pressure. Blood is now circulating. No wounds. 

We need connection. To feel the pressure and get in control. Magnus and Anders in an electric moment.
P.A, the Cable Man, is the man with the plan.
We have computers & oscilloscope and as well a defined crank sensor signal. What that means?
Life's good!

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