Sunday, May 22, 2016

Blow the Horn! Weekends over!

What does it mean to relax? To take a day off and go to a SPA? To sit in the sun? (remark: not a viable alternative Gothenburg). To read a good book and silently sip on a glass of wine? No matter preference, working like a devil is not an option on the stress relief list.
But as stated before, if you work hard towards a dream, it sets your mind free. You don't have time to get stressed about the usual stuff. But yes, even a nice hot rod project can, from time to time, make you question the meaning of life.
This weekend meant hard work and meeting friends and yes it paid off. The cold evening beer felt like nectar and acing muscles reminded of inspiring exercise.
Everything has to come to an end. When Anders finished the welding on Robin Antonsson's amazing (low back pressure) down-pipe, he blow the horn and declared that the weekend was over.
Yes, I know you seen it before and yes, you're all thinking...Will they ever get ready with this Amazon Landspeed racer cooling pack installation? The answer is Yes. But it's actually a bit complicated....but now we're close. We think... 
What a sight. A lot of boosted, +500hp, +300km/h vehicles in various forms and shape. Does it look nice to you? Well, it sure looks nice to Salt Slush!
How about Magnuson Supercharger Heartbeat installation? Well, we hade support from these two enthusiastic engineers and now... 
... the Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger aimed for LS3 engine, installed on a LS2 engine is complete! We're good! Speed and smoking tires coming up! What we had to change except the Supercharger installation? Here's the list: Cylinder heads, Inlet rockers, MAP and MAF sensor, that's all. 
But what is this? Another C6? Yes. Anders bought a C6 (also with LS2) that was in need of a little tender, love and care. 
There should always be a reference. Therefore Olle and Stina acted as antithesis to hard and determined garage work.  
Not only Paul and Michael paid us a visit this weekend, but very few brought Lego Corvette to encourage the Salt Slush spirit. 
All good times comes to an end. But to end it in a Ford Club Coupe from -46 feels like indulgences.

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