Friday, June 24, 2016

Been there done that and got the t-shirt

Magnus, our probably most bespoke and recently traveled Team Member sent us following pictures.

A majority of the team (including me) and garage friends make there living on Volvo Car Company, We are all involved and heavily engaged in making Volvo Cars in to a new, unique and strong company.

Volvo is a fantastic company with a line of fantastic products, but they have to be developed and tested on key markets. Work is work, but sometimes all the stars are right and its possible to combine business and pleasure.

Here's Magnus
when combining business and pleasure. Working hard validating the latest and greatest  Volvo products in magic places. Of course celebrated with the right dress code ! 

 Even more  business and pleassure evidence.  Magnus extremely ambitious plot to establish a massive car collection. Bought in New Mexico on a earlier trip and now on its way on a slow boat to Sweden, (I hope my new tyres comes with it).

It will look like a Red Neck get together outside our workshop when we have all our pick-ups there. Maybe not exactly what we are ... We are more executive  farm boys working hard to move our Company in to the future and to play with cars in the spare time e.g bring our SSR Amazon to El Mirage and Bonneville . I guess you get it... Business and Pleasure makes miracle happen, you need to have passion to make a difference.

Alll we can promise you is that you you ain't seen nothing yet.

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