Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It takes have fun and go fast. Supercharged expedition!

Autobahn is full of silver colored, low power and high weight vehicles with brick wall type coefficient that force its way forward while offering very little joy...
...but Salt Slush cheered thing up with two bright colored opposite-way-around type of cars that stands out from the crowd and provides unconditional love and happiness. Because of the color?
No, no, because of the booting systems of course!
But why are the Salt Slush Racing team not at home working on the Amazon?
Well, we cannot only enjoy weld smoke in the workshop everyday, sometime we need to go to Germany for a proper expedition. How to get a proper tip-in calibration adaptation from 3000rpm and upwards on the 6th gear otherwise? Swedish police would be upset.
We'll tell you more later, but the LS2/LS3 engine with the Magnuson Supercharger is addictive. Pull down the throttle at almost any rpm and enjoy an robust acceleration at  any speed. The mild supercharger whine fit perfect to the exhaust sound since it promise speed.
How fast it is? Not tested yet. But let's put it this way...its fast, really, really fast.
Bonus picture: Young German daredevils in cooperative action in the search for speed.

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