Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Diffuser in place!

First stage; Your Reward System wakes up. You feel that you need an English Wheel for the workshop urgently!  No logic thoughts at this point.
Second stage: You check if you have the money required for the purchase.
Third step: You buy it! Pure happiness.
Forth step: A mild feeling of regret suddenly comes over you. Was this really necessary?
Fifth step: At this stage your mind is working furiously trying to justify the expense. But deep in your heart you know that there is no reason apart from the Reward System and your creativity. But you keep arguing.  
Final stage (a happy kind of Nirvana moment): You managed to make use of your latest tool. In our case; The Wheel!
The result: The end of our belly pan, the Diffuser. Yes it looks flat, but since it has a small bump for the differential, the English wheel was an absolute necessity...
From another angle and in a slightly different light.

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