Saturday, August 13, 2016

Happy wife is a Happy life

Yesterday me and my best friend -the love of my life- my dear wife Catrine, passed by our friend, a car wizard and super duper painter (just to mention a few of  his qualities). we went there have a look on the work that he's doing on her 68´Camaro convertible.

As it turned out, the body work was complete ant he prepared for the next, upcoming paint job. What that means? Well, it will get a darker, more elegant red colour, combined with a black interior and a black canvas top.

When all the old paint was off, it turned out to be cheaper to buy all hang-on body parts new, since the old one were rusty and repaired beyond recognition and rather hacked up.

The good news is that the parts are imported by VP parts directly from the manufacturer in Asia who seems to own all the tools. All in all ending up with a lower price than in US with todays dollar to SEK exchange rate and a high logistic cost.
We're now starting to have everything in position and ready for the primer, some more left door to front fender adjustment and the we're up for primer and next step...
The standard 68  Camaro grill rill fits nicely. The body part under the grill is -67 RS and yes, we will shut the RS light holes before paint.

Meanwhile, at home in the garage I'm collecting parts for the assembly and preparing the engine, a Corvette 94 -LT1 take out with automatic transmission...

The Chassi is ready to go with new brakes, chassi kit from CPP etc...

It will be a very nice, drivable Camaro.

A look back: 

It was for sure a lot of paint, filler and putty on the car

It had been green, white, butternut yellow and a number of reds

Here's some of the new sheet metal from VP autocrats is on, still a lot of work to fit and align everything 

A door could might be an easy start... you might think...
More parts added and still a lot of work needed to fit and align

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