Saturday, September 10, 2016

Good things happen !

We have been working with getting to the next level of engine calibration.

So far it has just been work leading us in to a series of issue and fault tracing of course solved one by one and ticked of from the list. Oil leakage, Water leakage, no connection, .......

After a while and in combination with Holley tech support we came to the conclusion that there was something wrong the Holley EFI unit, in short the ECU didn't detect and start the lambda sensor 1 and due to that we didn't get in to adaptation.There are two ports for lambda, if nr one is hesitating nr two hesitates also.

Here the good things start to happen, Holley offers to send us a new control unit based on our mail dialoge combined with log files.

The arrived new ECU !

Whats good with this you ask? Well as we see it this is the difference between a Customer focused service minded American Company versus a suspicius worried not customer focused company where you have to send in the hard ware to the tech center for analysis and a possible response we can't detect the problem and if there is a problem it's probably due to your installation .....

Ok we are serious and have not messed up the ECU, two in the team work's daily with engine management and soft ware, know the drill and have the competence. But you should know that we didn't have to use that specialist twist  it was enough with normal mail conversation doing the extra tests making sure that cables connectors etc are OK and send the requested logg files.

It's a pleasure to work with service minded competent companies which is exactly what we aim to develope Salt Slush Racing into. Kind of a promise and our twist of the golden rule found in almost all "religions" starting already by Confucius around 500 year's before Christ.

Anders connected the new and spot on it started toe talk and heat up the Lambda sensors !

Reving and geting to the next level still a lot of work and it's getting HOT very HOT .... we are going for 10 to 20 times more power... so now we continue to solve issue by issue....

Was it a miracle ? No it was good customer support and service ! THX !

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