Sunday, November 27, 2016

Le Grand Monster 1950 Cadillac

This is a different before and after.

Why here at the SSR blog ? Well it's obvious this is something we would like to do.......
at least the build of the car, at a first glance an obvious level of crude refinement.

Briggs Cunningham was a racing enthusiast with financial capability who nursed an ambition to win Le mans, He created a series of cars to race at Le Mans. Below is what happened over two year period first year the Team used a race prepped Cadillac type 61 from 1950.

Since the team felt a shortage of speed (besides of braking) something had to be done! 
New body on the Cadillac chassi some more work on the engine and they where ready for the next year. Since the body was more brutal and different then elegant and stylish the French named it Le Grand Monster. 

You find more about him and especially the cars on below link.

Before slow on the straights, slow in the curves.

After faster on the straights, slow in the curves. 

Some design

Less design

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