Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We celebrate PAINT!

So I called Frank.
Because Frank is that man to call when you feel that you need your race car back from the paint shop. 
With my most gentle voice I asked Frank, if the car was already painted.
He said no.
I stayed calm, because at this point I realized that my call was one day too early.
I asked;
- Any idea when the body will be painted?
Frank replayed;
- Within a couple of hours, you can pick it up tonight.
And pick it up we did!
Our Amazon with paint. No, it's not ready yet, but we've reached a milestone! From one angle with one camera....
...and from another angle with the telephone as a camera.. 
7 pm tonight at Frank's paint shop
9 pm in the Salt Slush Racing Speed Shop. Yes, we're a bit proud.
  Our racer from above...
and the nice tail gate

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