Saturday, April 8, 2017

Busy Bees Building, Buying and Being Born. Again.

We've tried to keep cool and stay calm. We've tried to isolate ourselves from evil as well as boredom. So far we've been successful. Because we have a vision and a mission. The Vision is to go fast and in the close proximity of danger and get a T-Shirt. The Mission is poisons green. Any questions?
The cabin is sealed. Feels good. A kind of metallic coziness of speedy kind.
An old Top Fuel Dragracer came by our Speed Shop the other day. We asked him how it felt when the parachute was released in 400 km/h and he said;
- Like when your mama was hugging you as a child. Warm inside and relieved.
So we bought one too. Magnus is working on the assembly.
Meanwhile Janne is tooling his way towards a Triumph.
While I'm trying to seal the deal using aluminum.
Magnus in making.
Anders in milling mode.
Annika Wangnick showed up, cold and craving coffee with another kind of Triumph. 3 cylinder howling heavenly high. Felt good. 
Yes, we're into speed by paint. Possible? You bet. Our painter has traveled faster that most of us. Makes us feel good, safe and newborn. Ready to go fast.

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