Saturday, April 22, 2017

Customer satisfaction. We celebrate EFR 6758 and Mattias because we can!

Feedback is nice. Especially when it comes from customers, who're enjoying power, torque and fast turbo boost. It makes us feel like a provider of pure happiness and that is what we wanna be. Because that's what we are. 
Mattias Svensson came by the Salt Slush workshop today. He presented his super fast Opel Speedster which is using BorgWarner EFR 6758 turbo to breath properly and be cobra fast.
Knocking on heaven's door on Spotify? Nope. Mattias is a young no nonsense man who's tuned in on the beat of the turbo engine. This selfmade knocking detection device makes the full load calibration feels safe. Or... reasonably safe...
Nice and tidy engine compartment. But for those who like to see the turbo...good luck. It's well hidden.
Black cars of cool kind lined up in the cold hard light. Epic.

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