Sunday, July 9, 2017

Speed & The luxuar of working with details.

We're in the " let's-go-down-to details" zone. Which is nice. Feels good. But first some word about speed. Speed is a good thing. It bring us all forward and makes us reach our goal in time. It life, it's pace, it's the wind in the hair, it's make you feel free and thrilled at the same time.  So far, speed is a good thing...something to look for and strive towards. Yes, there are some obstacles as well. Speed might kill you and in addition to that the cops seems to working against speed. 

But the officials that caught one of the team members this weekend just don't get it. We're in a hurry, we need to keep the pace since we will send our Salt Slush Racing Amazon to US in less than 3 days and besides, we need to practice...
Back to the details, Anders The Artist, is here texting the letters which shows were we're aiming. The class in which we're aim to compete is: Blown Gas Competition Coupe engine size F (3.0L). But has he got it all wrong? Shouldn't the F be last? Never mind, there's a before and after here.
Ready, steady, go.  Feel our need for speed.
Safety first. Cut the current from outside.
More details done. What? Well, doors might be hard to open if the body structure been damage and wrinkled. This should help, we just need some painted instructions....
A little bit from above we're on track. Even ready to go...
Meanwhile, outside the Salt Slush Speed shop, Mattias update his street legal EFR 6758 equipped race car with some relevant decals. This is a fast, black beast. We like it.
High and low, Ram and Race, Hemi and Turbo. Good stuff. Yes, the Hemi needs a Magnuson Supercharger.
 Carina arrived with her Blue Square body C20, once used for travel fast through Sweden at night full of newspapers. Now it's just fast and perky...

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