Saturday, September 16, 2017

El Mirage The 449 SSR AMAZON film time

Whole team, except Magnus and the car ,is back in Sweden now.

Magnus is working with finalizing the calibration for new Volvo's in Arizona and in Colorado. The 449 SSR Amazon is recuperating in LA. It's in a safe haven  at Erik Hansson.

We are curing our jetlag (with Makers Mark?) while having sweet dreams about our adventure at El Mirage.

As a teaser we share some clips by Ich S who is friend living in LA.
First run on 449 SSR Amazon run at El Mirage.

The car was still clean shiny and not dusty, the next clip show you some of the dust ....
Anders was at the wheel and he did a 139 mph rookie run.
The 3d run at El Mirage

Here's a flavour of the dust and the rooster tail from the 449 SSR Amazon.
Håkan was at the wheel and he did a 106 mph rookie run, before that he had made a 122 mph run.

As and epilogue or beginning of the next chapter the team, except Magnus, meet today at Ringön to discuss how to proceed. We have a list of things to do and  a lot of ideas.........

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