Sunday, March 25, 2018

Food, Beer and Nitro. A Magic Friday Night Get Together. Part 1.

A Magic Night? What's that?  Howling wolfs? Shooting stars? Unicorn? Psycadelic drugs? Demons?

No, that's all just fairytale nonsens.

So, no magic out there anymore? Has it all turned gloomy? Is the exitment all gone?  No, there's still a few places left, places where one can feel the vibrant past, taste the present and be ready for the future. Time and space for real magic, where it all comes together.

The Magic arrived to Ringön, Gothenburg on Friday evening the 23rd of March. Peter Gillbrand came over to the Salt Slush workshop with some of his fathers amazing engines. His farther? We're talking about Per Gillbrand, a Swedish motor legend and a show man who are not with us anymore.
Here's Peter, exited as can be, preparing epic engines before it all began. Pictured: A Model of Folke Mannerstedt Husqvarna V-Twin 500cc race engine and the mind blowing Offy Engine, an engine designed by Henry Miller & Fred Offenhauser in 1934. It dominated racing for at least 3 decades. If that ain't magic I don't know what is...
Again, before the party started. Before the magic arrived. Flathead candleholders are waiting for good things to happen.
Beauty in its purest form. Every part is hand made by the late Per Gillbrand. Almost paralyzing. 
Nitro is sometimes needed to get things going...and Roger is there to support.
We all kept cool with Kölsch, Jever, Pabst and garage cooked porter cooked prime rib, salt cooked potato. Yes, sallad was available.

To be continued... 

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