Wednesday, May 1, 2019

A Turbo Confession about Passion

It was back in to 1994. I was in a group of students at a tech university in Sweden called Chalmers. Some kind of student counsellor were asking us questions.  I only remember two of these;
- Why did you choose Chalmers?
- Why do you want to become an  engineer?

When the other students started to answers, my somewhat naive understanding of people and the society changed. Forever. 

The young students had ambition but very limited curiosity and basically no passion for the education that they have picked;
-I want to be doctor engineer...or a lawyer…but well, here I am!

For me this was absurd. I was tool maker that had qualified. I wanted to know about things. Get educated, design engines, understand turbos and superchargers technology and eventually be in charge of an engine program. By now, all of the above has happened.

In my view, passion is what matters. Because passion keep you alert, awake and interested. Passion keeps you from going insane too. Pending on your starting point…
Passion. Building engines require strong focus and a attention to details. Especially if the engine should deliver 250hp/l for a longer period of time. 
Passion. The EFR 9180/9280 Turbo is an amazing device. Love it. 980degC on one side of the shaft and 150-200degC on the other while the ceramic ball bearing and the TiAl turbine wheel rotate at +100kRPM and provide boost pressure and flow for 1000hp. 
A piece of art that makes you happy. 
Passion and hard work. The Salt Slush Team Dream winter 2016.
The Power of Passion.
Passion, curiosity and hard work is the foundation if you want to make things happen!
 If you have it. Don't hesitate. Do it !

Andy yes, if your passion is related to engines, turbos and superchargers...we can support.
Speed up. Feel the pressure and enjoy! 

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