Sunday, July 14, 2019

Determination, Debugging and Dreaming on a Soft Sunday.

When the sun is shining and weather is warm, some people spend time on beaches and boats. Some other people are shopping, while some other people seek comfort in warm asphalt and open garage doors.

It may come as no surprice; The Salt Slush team with friends, are inclined to enjoy outdoor wrenching and a test drives in the sun rather than a soft Sunday in the sand.
Have they found the Holy Grail? Or is it just the exitment that comes with the first test drive? We'll never know. But we do know that Anders was happy when he understood that he was successful with the rebuild/upgrade of his automatic transmission (4LE65). General debugging of the car is still ongoing.
Determination no.1. There are holes in Annikas rocker panels. She's determined to fix it.
Ragnar will support. A relationship stress test. Yes, I know all about it.
Determination 2: Our garage neighbour came home after his first Gasoline Street Week. Yes, they were exhausted and one great experience richer.
Tired, but already planning for the same event next year…
The Ardun V8.
Only distributor and coolant pump are missing. After that, debugging can start.  
The 449 Amazon, May 2019.

Other than that, we're restlessly waiting for Bonneville Speed Week 2019 
Less than one mounth from now...we'll be racing on the pure white salt under the blue skies for the second time!

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