Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Preparation ongoing. Only a few days left until Bonneville Speed Week 2019.

I'll keep this short. Because the hour is getting late. We're in a process. We're on the move. While we're flooding in sweat under the Californian Sun our ToDo list is getting shorter hour by hour. We're currently doing fine, we're on track, but at the same time we know that anything can fail anytime. That's racing.

Anyhow, here's short report, from Today, Wednesday, August 8th:
The Amazon runs fine, engine oil level adjusted, all essential bolts tightened and secured, coolant system checked.
After the usual struggle with loading our race car…
...we finally got it up on the trailer (no casualties). Tomorrow morning we're heading out in the desert. First step; LasVegas.
Meanwhile, Erik and Rick are working really, really hard to get their race car ready for Bonneville Speed Week.
Thier machine, a turbocharged (EFR 7670 turbo) Ardun V8 is braking new ground. To package a bi-turbo Ardun V8 engine in a bomb tank, lakester ain't a task for beginners.
The yard at Erik's Place is getting crowded, since more people are getting ready for Bonneville Speed Week. Nisse and his team from A-Bombers is loading his lakester...

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