Tuesday, October 22, 2019

How Rome was made, Elephants are eaten and race Cars are built.

I admit, there's a difference. If we're talking about building a new capital or race/street car, a dream is a really good trigger. If you're more into eating big animals, a clear time plan with milestones is most likely more applicable.

The combination of the two, dream and time plan is one hell of a combination. But there are a couple of other ingredients needed to create a shockwave of success when you kick up the garage door in the painful white spring sun.

No, it's not beer and coffee. It something that requires other parts of the brain. What is needed is to fight the basic instinct and comfortably enter the bear pit and start the winter rest. And instead go to the workshop/garage. To start early and go the garage/workshop every evening. To do something small or big ever day leads to finished project and happiness.

Last but not least allow yourself to make mistakes, learn from them and move on. Being too cautions is a pace killer.  

But who are we to make these arrogant statements? Well, besides a zillion private car project and our professionell life, we're still on a journey towards +200mhp and we're not there yet, but we learned something along the way and we're happy to share.
Here we are August 2019 at Bonneville Speed Week for the second time. 
In the end of 2014, almost exactly 3 years before the first race at El Mirage in California, the Salt Slush Bonneville project was driven by a dream only. And some mocked up parts.  
Early 2015 we got more into time planning and at least two persons worked everyday with the car, order stuff and to finance the project. 
And yes, we made mistakes. We corrected them and moved on.
Yes, the EFR 9180 turbo was better alternative than this attempt.

In a summary, it might be hard to get going and fight the sofa, but when everything works and bright sun is back it's extremely rewarding! 

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