Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Circle Sector Dilemma

Eternal Life. To not have that is a problem. A real problem. Because there's so much to do and so little time.  No, I'm not talking about the every day puzzle or a too short weekend. Nope. I'm talking about inquiring minds and their constant crave to create and the limited time to learn.

Example; I know a lot about engine boosting and that's all good. I've learned that over decades of daily business. I'm a pretty good machinist too. But how about my sheet metal skills? Mediocre. What would it take for me to be a really good sheet metal shaper. Another 10000 hours? How about painting? Wouldn't that be good to know too? 
How to manage?

At birth there's a lot of hours available. Let's assume that you're the sleepy type and need 8 hours of sleep and as well the ambitious and work/study 8 hours per day while spending 3 hours per day, 7 Days a week on eating, drinking, sex, etc. etc.

You will still have +90000 hour over an active life span of 50 years. Which means that you can fool around the first 20 years and die comfortably at early age of 70 and still be amazing in 9 different areas. Not too bad.

If you find this way of thinking stressful, then lower the ambition and accept the you'll never be a judge, a jeweler and jockey in one life.

Now to the advice, instead of painful personal development programs...Peek. Be curious. Take small bite of many cakes. And not the least, have fun!

Here's some Salt Slush examples
Team work is fun. So we spent some years on building a race car and take it to Bonneville Speed Week.
When you need a stack for your bass and your band, do it the Magnus way. Build one.
If you feel the urge go mechatronic, after a long Supercharged El Camino project, follow Anders example and make you own CNC machine. When it's ready you can mill with it too.
Perhaps you just want to make an complicated Engine. Then use our example and build and Ardun V8 based on a French Flathead Ford.
It keeps you away from other investments too.

Ohh. I forgott! We have Speed Shop too. 
Full of Turbos
And Superchargers.


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