Friday, April 17, 2020

We're taking shelter but we're not dead yet!

Make no mistakes. We had plans. We were heading for Bilsport Performance & Custom Show in Sweden. Ready to talk to gearheads about turbos and superchargers while having a good time. But the virus pulled the plug and cancelled the event.   
We booked flights to the City of Angles in US of A. Our ambition was to wake up the 449 Amazon softly under the California sun and make it great again. To make our mean green machine ready for Bonneville 2020. But again, the virus stepped up and stood in our way.
Preparation at times when all were good, Before hell broke loose
(Spring 2019, at Eric's Place)

But we’ll not give up. We'll fight our pandemic enemy and help ourselves while helping others.'s the deal;  
We'll work in garage isolation with our private projects, feeling good and making progress but at the same time being somewhat loney. 

Our message to all of you racers out there...
Contact us if you have turbo or/supercharger questions. You'll get the answers and advices, while we'll get in contact with the speed/racing community that can provide solace to our souls.
We're ready when you're ready.
Keep up your boost pressure!
Times will get better.
That's all.


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