Saturday, October 16, 2021

Cars, Cars and that all there is?

How come you're only thinking about cars? Is there nothing but engines, cars and bikes in your brain? How single minded can you get? 

If you read this post, I guess you heard these questions over and over again while you've asked yourself another related question.

What's so hard for others to understand? 

You're just exploring the world and the society through your passion. Which is reasonable because passion keeps you wide awake and curious. When exploring different angles of the 360 deg global car and bike community you learn about technology, people, industry and industrial history. Meanwhile others find comfort in the sofa watching Netflix while doing nothing.

Nonetheless, they are correct. We're into engines, cars and bikes 24/7 and we've been there for decades and we'll be there forever and ever. Simple as that.

I can only speak for myself...

Day time work: Engine Development

Evening work: Turbo & Supercharger Speed Shop to Support Thirst for Speed. 

Recreation: Restoring and building engines, cars and bikes.

Excitement: LandSpeed Racing with our Salt Slush Amazon in the US of A.

Social life: Laughing load with cars guys and gals of all ages.

Pandemic shelter: Salt Slush Workshop.

Relaxation: A sunny day when the living is easy and there's no particular place to go...

Garage party: Get to know the best in an allowing space. 

Recreation by the sea.
Garage charades as relaxation.
If you're about to open a book, try this one. Fins by William Knoedelseder it will make you familiar with Hollywood history too...
Metal handcraft by Magnus, a maker and a man of many projects.
Tease and discuss. Witty conflict management.  
Design and art school. 
The question that remains...sofa or all of the above?
I'd say it's better to be a doer than a reviewer no matter topic, age or gender.

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