Sunday, June 25, 2023

Shopping & Shipping!

If you're neighbor to a Speed Shop with an endless stock and in comfort can drive over a get your stuff, you will not understand this post. For most of us this luxury does not exist. Hence we needs someway or the other to get involved in Global Shipping.Over time we learn about logistics and we're getting more informed. Not that we wanted to get informed about this world. all we wanted was to get our boxes or dispatch our packages.

In addition, global shipping has taught us how to cope with frustration, anger and happiness in its purest form.

As receiver, you might get a mail with a tracking number and when google this long code you can see how your stuff travel around the world and get to see interesting places. How your transmission, turbos or superchargers is getting well-traveled. Your pallet might spend some time in Denver, Frankfurt or Malmö and it seems like number of days spent in a certain place can vary.
While the pallets is on tour, we at Salt Slush are talking to our customers. They want to know when they get what they've ordered and they have very limited interest of our frustration.

But then, suddenly after a series of SMS and mails the package arrives. No matter who's the end customer it pure happiness. Like being 5 years old and it's finally Christmas. Every time.

As sender there's another type of stress. You're in command. You can do it. Or at least that's what you think. You just have to fill in a web based system at respective forwarder (UPS, DHL, Schenker etc) and print the labels. If you're shipping stuff between US and EU you might want to be in a very harmonic, because you will go through IT rage, laugh out loud sessions when to read custom tariffs and run procedure on average 2 times.If you're not a logistic wizard.
The film above? During summer there always racers who needs a turbo NOW which means that a daredevil drive to DHL is needed, with the vehicle that happens to sit outside our speed shop.

I think Brian Reagan capture the frustration from both the sender and the forwarder in this stand-up. Love it.


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