Sunday, September 10, 2023

Longer shadows. No sun. It's soon time to seek shelter.

I remember a song on the radio when I was a kid. It was about remembering the wonderful September in November. Took me some years to really understand the essence of that song. When August turn in to September at latitude 57 you're getting concerned about the summer end. But outside the grass is still green and the trees are green too. In November the situation is different. Very different. Endless cold rain and darkness. In November you think about the amazing warm September.

So...take my advice and drive, dream and have fun in the sun while you can because those long shadows and heavy rain clouds are approaching in a couple of months. But while your having fun in the setting sun you should of course start to plan winter activates. 

Ask yourself if you have; a proper project, all tools needed, a warm garage and a too long ToDo list. If any of these four prerequisite are not in place it's time to take action. Because  being busy will keep you healthy and annoyingly happy during the long winter gloom. 

It's not Lucky Luke. It's Magnus. He's a good example. When winter arrives, Magnus always have a project (-s), tools and a couple of warm garages. 
Carina and I have a winter project too. We need to build a Special/Roadster for our Ardun V8, so fired up the engine today. Just to make sure that it's ready to leave the engine test stand...

Even though Magnus is ready for indoor activities when to cold wind howls, he's in search of a new fresh project. Understandable. You don't want to to be  without projects, parts and dreams when November comes around.

Salt Slush are trying to support our customers dreams and schemes and therefore we're making our self ready for your winter requests. Related to turbos, transmission, clutches and superchargers, that is. 

The warm garage and the project is up to you!


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