Friday, March 21, 2014


 A sleek body might be attractive and the fashion jury's nodding is alwasy desirable.

But let's cut the crap.

A substantial amount of power is what makes life vibrant and sparkling.

As well The Salt Slush Amazon needs The Power to be faster than its own shadow.

Let’s, for a while, think about how to get out of the dark slow shadow.

Are there any low hanging fruits suitable to carry to the altar of speed? Are there any compact engines out there with reasonable displacement that can be boosted to appropriate power levels while still being as reliable as a door stop?

An LS engine with a pair of turbochargers?

The Salt Slush Amazon is in need of something else. An engine designed for high boost levels and a long life.

The N-series Volvo engines:

With piston cooling jets

With forged crankshaft and pistons

Robust enough to make a grown man cry

1.      One Volvo N3 engine (6 cyl Natural aspirated, 3,0L) from a Volvo an old Volvo 960. Se picture below.
2.      One Volvo N3T engine ( 6 cyl Turbo  3,0L*) from an old S80 (1998-2005). This is it:

 3.      A boosting system and a fuel system to match the Need For Speed.
Take the oil pan and the engine mounts from 960 and mount it to the stripped N3T. 

Add the appropriate size and numbers of turbocharges.

Heaven awaits.

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