Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shop till you drop

To Chop the Top might seem difficult. But it is after all doable. It’s very mathematical, practical and it involves getting dirty in the workshop.
Basically, a relaxing activity close to a SPA experience.
It is however impossible to only build stuff and enjoy the rewarding garage atmosphere. There comes a time when concept needs to be decided.  Technology needs to be selected. 

After intensively been thinking about Rearends and Transmissions for a couple of weeks we started to dwell on the subject until our dream circled around torque, speed and gear ratios.
Should we have a four speed Muncie and a Quick change? Or a BMW manual transmission from a 6 cylinder diesel engine, (the one with series sequential turbo system) and a quick change? Or a Richmond…or…

We wore out calculators.
We drank coffee until our hearts was beating irregular.

We talked until our throats were dry.
But one day the fog disapered.  We saw everything clear.

A T56 Magnum 6 speed transmission and a Tailormade 9’ Currie axle was the final selection. As well a 4-link was now on our shopping list.
We were ready to Shop Till We Dropped.
We gathered around a telephone and the seriousness in the room was almost physical.
First we called Summit Racing:
-Yes Sir, we have everything on stock, the parts you’ve asked for can be shipped within 24 hours, they answered with their usual professional voice.
We ordered.
Then we called Currie Enterprises to order our tailor made 9’ Rearend.  We did that since we thought we were ready to order.
We were not. Those of you who have tried to order a hamburger or a steak in US know what I mean. The options and alternatives never end…but five calls later our race rearend started its journey over the Atlantic.
Decisions was taken. Orders was sent. Our money was gone. The blood pressure went down.
Peace of mind. After some recreational grinding in the sun were all very happy.


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