Saturday, March 29, 2014

How a short cut became a big D-tour to Skene or at least a lot of work for nothing !

Let me start with below quote from President Obama's wife Michelle Obama, 
we would later on understand that he has a very smart wife just as we have.

We learned about honesty and integrity - that the truth matters... that you don't take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules... and success doesn't count unless you earn it fair and square.

But lets start by the beginning of the D-tour.

We were in need of a serious front end that also had to be almost for free since we so far hadn't reached any significant fame and fortune and the few kronas we have we preferably spend on something that gives speed instead of stoping and turning.
Land speed racing is al about going fast straight ahead so why waste money. 

We picked up a rumor about a XJS V12 with no motor that we could have for free if we took it away.

Of course a front end from such a high profile car has to be perfect, what could go wrong. 

See below picture to get a flavor of what we started to imagine. 
Looks Good and must be fast with style and class. 

Jaguar XJS looks SO GOOD !

Big Hart Friend
A friend of Håkan, Carina and Anders know a guy who had the Jaguar without V12 engine that he where willing to give to us for free. We where all very pleased and agreed that he was a very talented  and farsighted person with a big heart.  

A November day last year the drive started, my Volvo XC60 with a borrowed car trailer.
It is alway fun to do trips like this a small adventure between our duties.

We arrived after a 1,5 our drive to the garage. The garage was opened and Yes there was a Jaguar but with some more tear and wear. All tough still a Jaguar and a pinnacle for British engineering ! 

Jaguar XJS looked OLD and YESTERDAY !!

For Free
Since it was for free we started to load it on to the trailer

Anders and Magnus starts to persuade it and our sponsor is preparing the heavy farewell.

A Jaguar XJS is very heavy even without the motor.

Almost done, as you see a number of high tech tools where used to make it happen.

Victory !  
It is on the trailer ! I can tell you that we all felt very Good. 
This is big game hunting ala Ernest Hemingway.
Håkan (behind the Camera),  Magnus,  Anders and Me are all very happy. 
The observant person can also notice that our sponsor is very pleased. 

Civilization and Grey Zone
The drive back to civilization (The SSR World Head Quarter) can start, as always all serious transports take place within some legal grey zone. Will not explain this further.

We are safe and sound arrived without any discussions with Harry Haffa.

Since no rear axle or wheel, creativity had to come in place,
and yes as always Jaguar XJS is big and Heavy

OK let see what we find

This i what we found, we started to understand that we in front of us saw the evidence of a journey from high life to low life ! Even the plaque for the membership in the Swedish Jaguar Club had lost it's shine

No Shine ! 
or at least has lost it's glory.

Below you see the stickers the last driving owner had beautified it with
seems in line with its elegance and style. 

Odd Ball engineering
Ok what about the front end ?
This is what it looked like. You should be aware of that already here Anders started to hesitate it was big and clumbsy combined with a number of very strangely engineered solutions.

British Engineering
To make a long story short we choose after a couple of weeks discussion and evaluation to not use the front end from the Jaguar XJS. All and all we where in full agreement to not rely on British engineering.

No Good
The no good parts from the Jaguar were transported to a Junk Yard around the corner.

We now have doors, hood, trunk lid and a strange front end for sale.
Been out on blocket with a few calls mostly from Norway which has made us even more sure on that we toke the right decision. But it costed us 5 garage days of work.

Lesson learned
To always check with Michelle Obama or at least our wife's before any important decisions.
The short cut didn't work, so once again.

We learned about honesty and integrity - that the truth matters... that you don't take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules... and success doesn't count unless you earn it fair and square.

We will later on explain how we with outstanding honesty, high integrity,  according to the rules in a fair and square way solved our front end via Mr Ola G.

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