Saturday, March 15, 2014

We call in another expert who has done it and is still doing it

Since questions are piling up we're in need for some answers to our probably very basic questions.

So I called Erik Hansson who owns and runs Scandinavian Street Rods in Huntington Beach (LA) see link at his home page you find info about his services and his wing tank, Land speed racer which is a record holder and made him a member in the prestigious 200 mph Club.

Below you see some pics on the tank at Bonneville !

Preparing for race.

Besides of racing, Erik is a legend in the Hot Rod World. Lars Martin and I in the team has done business with him with good result. We bought a lot of parts from him ending up in a Roadster each. 
Below you see Erik by his no 100 32 Roadster body since then he has built many more.

My roadster. Pictured is my friend Ich S from LA and Lars D (it's Lars ModelA)
From a driving around day me and Ich did when he visited Sweden.

OK what did We learn from him ? I can tell you it was a lot and for sure not enough.

He is running with ice cold intercooler and is using air cooler in series with buffer water tank for the engine cooling system and tipped us about a good supplier. He has a scientific approach with data logger, he is careful with the chassis, tuning and adjust. Measures a lot combined with careful tuning. Uses good components. 

He told us about tires, and how to make them work….
He explained how much power you need to make some serious speed…..
He talked about what can go wrong with the power …. as he said You can run it rich all the time but only lean ones…

A + 200 mph run takes 80 - 90 sec…..

We talked for quite a while around a lot of basic questions (to him)…. noted down what I picked up…..

We had to digest it and most of all we've started to understand that his will be a challenge and we have a lot to learn.

THX so far Erik.  

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