Sunday, March 16, 2014

Expert advice being executed

Ok. So we got a lot of advice.

And shared experience is a really good thing. But there comes a time when ideas fades in to useless dreams when not executed.

So we read the rule SCTA rule book again. Then we look at each other. It was time to Chop the Top.

We called our reliable source of Volvo Amazon parts, a junk yard man in Floby, Sweden, specialized on old Volvo's. His name is Harry. Amazon-Harry.

We drove up with powerful angle grinders. Too powerful it turned out. When Karl-Johan revved up his Shiva-grinder the A-pillars fell like weed. It was a short magic moment. Until we had a brownout.

Nevertheless, when our mission was accomplished the donor Amazon looked like a surreal painting.

But we were happy
Back at home we started to think about how low we could go

And we measured...
...and discussed..

...and measured..

 and measured..

Then the point of no return!

and afterwards...the rewarding relief of hard work

and honestly, why did'nt the Amazon have this design from the start? 

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