Tuesday, March 18, 2014

We need something to hold on to

Best way forward was discussed. Unibody, as it was, or a frame?

Frame was decided!

Why ?

Stronger, easier and faster to create; a geometrical structure which we could attach everything to.
Since we are from Volvo safety was a part of our thinking -  it's easier to build a good role cage on a frame.

How did we do about doing this?

We needed something to build on! Luckily we had the old frame table From Lazze J (see link http://www.lazzemetalshaping.com) from when he lived in Varberg.  Now he lives in San Francisco and has become an Hot Rod and Sheet metal wizard famous from TV, Rodders Journal, Youtube etc.
Me and Lars-Martin has set up our 32 frames on that table so we know that it's good.

Me and Magnus picked up the table at Lars Martins place a rainy cold evening in November.
As a sign the table was totally smeared in Salt slush during transport to Salt Slush Racing World Head Quarter, it needed a lot of cleaning before we could use it.

Steel table - also worked good as dinner table for garage parties. 

A well thought trough solution and a proper drawing.

Here Anders and Magnus scientifically figures out where the rear axle is going to be relative to the chassis and the frame. 

A front end 

The one on the picture is modified Volvo 140 front end from our colleague Ola G.
Before this front end we had an idea to use one from a Jaguar XJS, a good story in itself which turned out to be a real D-tour and a proof of British odd-ball engineering.

We will tell you more about Olas front end and the Odd-ball D-tour later on.

A mock up engine to build around. 

Of course we got it from Amazon Harry -  a 6 cylinder, 3 liter engine with transmission, from a Volvo 960. The intention is to use parts from this engine to the real one later on.  Just now it work's just fine as a mock up.

This was Håkans first contact with Amazon Harry. The engine was the first part we bought from him. Later on we would buy more from him, like the extra roof to the body. His place is worth a visit in itself especially if you are in to old Volvos.

Good motivation deserves good transportation.  We think this will help our motor to come in to the right mode later on. Sun is shining, Chevy PU truck…...

Deliverey to Salt Slush racing World Headquarter.
No worries dear engine, you will have a good home here, saved from who knows what -
maybe a Volvo 245 with under body neon light in Grums.

Is it dead or alive ?
Below you see a critical moment for the engine when it arrived to the head quarter. 
For a short moment it looked weak, we thought we had lost it, big worry !!!!
It seemed almost dead, but suddenly it showed signs of life, what a relief !

Håkan and Anders are preparing the alive power train, meaning oil etc out and off. 
We do carry a ISO proven environmental certificate, in line with the high standards we use for almost everything at Salt Slush Racing.

Now we needed material to the frame !

During lunch, a Monday the week before Christmas me and Håkan managed to squeeze a drive to Göteborgs Handelsstål to Pick up material, several 6 m long RHS beams.
It was raining a lot, borderline to snow. We got totally soaked and looked like dead drowned cats. On top of this Handelstål was browned out and we got the feeling that Thor was talking to us. We hope that he mention us when he met Sleipner, could help to pick up speed later on.

Some more thinking and drawings and we where good to GO.
As you see we are using the latest state of the art Catia and computer aided support.

Precision is the key to a good result, Magnus is cutting with NASA precision. 
Notice the high class fixation. 

No Guts No Glory, or at least a lot of DUST and NOISE !

Let's see, could this be a way forward ?

With some help it makes sense ! Anders is Helping.

Don't you understand ! Karl-Johan is helping !

Precision pays off, perfect fit, fantastic !

Back to the table, rear kick up in place. Front end still lost in space.
The expert can see our rear axle mock up. The beginning of the frame has been welded fixed to the table here to secure it is straight and as it is planned to be.

Lars-Martin and Magnus are reflecting and trying to get in contact with the front end.
Carina is monitoring this scientific moment.

Scientific moment turned in to measuring and guidance for our front end. 
Magnus is adjusting the mind of the front end. Anders is calling for attention.

Now we need to clean up the front end to match the frame,
Håkan with his skills take on to mill away what we don't need.
Took some time and effort to fixate front end beam to the table since we wanted to avoid having it flying around in the shop.

Håkan is happy !
We will later on add some strength back to the front end.

Now Anders brings it in to place and fixation, I can tell you that we have measured more than once here. Combined with some thinking to support ride height adjustment.

We weld some more !

More the come regarding everything like

The frame !
How we spent several day's finding a useless front end.
How we found our modified 140 front end with racing heritage.
How we toke away what didn't look like a land speed body from the body.


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