Sunday, April 13, 2014


It’s called thermodynamics and it’s a kind of science.
It’s called packaging and it’s supposed to be supported by substantial computer power and people with spatial ability.

But for us in Salt Slush Racing it’s the key enabler for Speed and Power.
Hence we have to make sure that this system is able to provide us with an air flow of approximately 2500kg/h, the right boost pressure and not too high temperature before intercooler.

As you all most likely know, low pressure drop before compressor and low back pressure after turbine is absolutely crucial for a turbo system to provide the above and therefore we did some boosting system precision arrangement. We need as well to understand how to connect the charge air pipes and the oil and water in and outlets as well. It’ complicated….
So we took our K24 2474 6.81 turbochargers and started look for suitable positions. I guess I don’t have to tell you that we didn’t have any computer aided design support.

After a lot of struggle we finally found positions for the two turbochargers that made it possible for us to go to the laptop and order the stainless steel collector, pipes and bends. And hope for the best… 

And yes, with turbocharger positon the exhaust gases needs to fly out the (passenger-) door. 
We´re currently in the magic situation after decision, before execution, where we think we made everything right and just have to wait for the parts to arrive.
Ok, I understand how you’re thinking. Can we really reach 800hp with these two turbochargers? Nope, not without the planned compressor upgrade, longer cam profile duration, machined cylinder head ports and serious charge air cooler.  Will this be sufficient?
Well, that’s a cliffhanger…for us all.
To be continued.

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