Thursday, April 10, 2014

Good Times and Ideas are good to share ! 
Big Big Party Time !

First of all we know its spring and topic becomes off seasson when posted
but it became so good that we want to share it  eve if i was a Christmas party!

Just so you know we have a  Speed and Spring celebration Party in pipeline.

The invitation

Fun is fun !

We all felt we had something going and should tell it to our closest friends and colleagues.

What could be better than to do it with a Party !

Good Party's are not done by it self, planning deciding and work is needed.

We had to arrange a good Bar with Mulled Wine, Beer, Wine etc.

We had to cook, this time we went for Pulled Pork Caribbean style ala Voodo. In total we made 15 kg.

We had to secure entertainment, slideshow and music.

We had to get the Christmas tree in to shape (we dressed two types of tree our milling machine and a more normal Christmas tree)

Clean the welding table and turn it in to a dining table, more tables and chairs

Decorate the garage and our conversation piece.

Open fire outside the workshop

The list went on and on and you should know we had a good time doing it !

We all in all had around 75 persons to the party getting some nice Pre Christmas feeling and most of all a glance in to our SSR life and speed celebration.

Our conversation piece the SSR Amazon

Our Bar on the christmas tree decorated milling machine.

Håkan is entertaining our guests

Mr and Mrs Eklöw from SSR

 Magnus B From SSR tells Janne M some secrets.

Anna and Helena,
Helena was very helpful to us to secure the shopping list

Linnea from the extended SSR family !

Karl-Johan from SSR explain some details to Dennis

The combination of a Christmas tree, decoration and a Milling Machine is nice.

In the background Håkan and Carinas Chevrolet.
Later on we would understand that the Chevrolet had a hard time with the Halla Ballo that went on, Sorry about that.

Happy and Merry Christmas to you all ! 
Best wishes from Johan from the extended SSR familly and Anna

Our  Hero and Focus  

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