Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ho Ho Ho

As mentioned before, we've all had the experience. The waiting. The waiting for the good stuff. Which normally never happens.
But for us it did happen. Santa all of a sudden showed up. Well equipped with stuff. The good stuff. First we measured the transmission dimensions with proper gauges, then we danced around it in circles while we tried to figure out how the hell to assemble it to the engine's rear face of block...what bellhousing and clutch to use...etc.
We realized that those thoughts are meant for the hangover. Right now we just feel true happiness. 
But obviously we need to get it out of the coffin.
The rear-end gear seems to be ready for torque. A lot of torque. I repeat a lot of torque...and power. Did I say anything about power? And torque?

The biblical transmission dimensions gives us the confidence that we are on the road to....did I I did not.
But I guess you know the place.

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