Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dressed for Success ! New limited edition !!!!

Our first edition limited to only 100 T-shirts sold out in almost H&M manner, only a very few left in stock, now for reduced to a price of almost nothing (125 sek).

Now the 2nd edition, even better in quality and limited to only 100 is available for a price of only 150 SEK.

It has a graphic design made by an infamous underground artist soon to be more famous than early Andy Warhol, his last name is Börjesson, remember that name.

SSR is taking responsibility in the community and is supporting young artists according a not known 5 step model.

Hurry up to place you order. Be part in culture making and the building of a foundation for the future.

Those of you who join our Release, Spring and Speed Party can buy The Miracle at the event; the rest of you can just pass by the SSR WHQ when it's manned.

The print !

Håkan happy as always but now his dressed for success. Good looking clothes can do a lot for a rather old but still renaissance Man !

Håkan and Carina in the 2nd, better than ever edition, Kalle in the rather good, until now best ever 1th edition, Anders suffering in some other T-shirt, Anders and Kalle will asap purchase the new edition. At latest by payday this month.

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