Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rear end set up Chapter 1

As always we start with careful planning and agreeing on every detail

Anders is carefully reading the instruction to our Moroso Kit.
Håkan is impressed and relaxed relying on Anders leading the way in to rear end set up.
Since we set up the SSR Amazon on the building table we have decided to lower the car an inch more and planned ride height will be 3 inch (ground clearance -distance to belly pan) with option to both decrease and increase ride height.
We try to carefully work it through, 
The Currie logo looks nice and kind of brings us a promise, I will not let you down !
We had to split the plates to get them around the rear axle tube,  Anders is spot welding them together.
OK everything on the axles both sides, some more measuring and then we're good to go !

No turning back. Fixating (spot weliding) the plates in position.

Looks good and kind of ready-to-race ! You should be aware of the risk that we will measure ourselves to death and getting stuck in series of if's and but's. To handle that we always push us in to action 
Here Håkan is making space for the plates in the frame, Even if Håkan likes the Tiger saw morethant the angle grinder, he can't help himself and get's carried away when he is cutting. 

Rear axle under the frame in postion (rough) starting to measure in the plates in the frame. Several things to consider but all in all we got it together.

In position and fixated, even if not caught on picture, we for a brief moment were close to a big conflict, when Anders CE Johansons fitting pieces became full of soot as Håkan welded the plates to the frame. Luckily it was only soot, otherwise we probably would have needed to interfere physically and mentally in the HALLA BALOA that would have taken place if they had been welded.
We have a SSR HQ rule. You can drill but not not weld in the CE Johansson fitting pieces.

All in all this was chapter one of rear end set up, soon more to come on a blog near to you !!  

Then we will continue with pan hard bar, springs and dampers etc. 

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