Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rear end set up Chapter 2.

Rear end set up continues and as you might understand, we try to do the homework before we mess things up. Luckily Anders knows where to go for basic knowledge. Of course we have close contact with Ola Gruvesäter as well, as you will see later on in this post. 

Think out a plan before !!!

Anders check our thinking versus Race Car Vehicle dynamics.

Basic damper set up for race cars is studied carefully.

Anders made some measurements and calculation to understand the rear dampers we bought from Ola Gruvesäter and it seems to be according the book !!!

Above you see the pile of parts we shall use for the rear end.... let see how to set it all up !

Anders thinking and trying !

Maybe this is how to do it !

Anders made som plates in masonite to evaluate if it's the way do it

The one and only, Ola Gruvesäter is taking a look, We're thinking a lot on how to get and keep traction on the Salt. We don't have any experience from The Salt, so we will take what's close to a chassi set up for wet racing or rally on snow and gravel roads. It will at least give us a starting point.
The priority is to keep the tyres in contact with the salt as much as possible

From masonite to steel Håkan using our favorite machine, The Bandsaw.

Anders started to prepare some pieces to fixate the spring.

It was a lovely summer day in Gothenburg today, around 25 deg C which by Swedish standard is to good to be in the garage, so you may wonder what keep us going a day like this in the garage.... 

OK. Here's the secret, coffe and fikabröd are common practice in Sweden and a must such a day 

Todays, we had as well to use some strawberrys ! 

And finally, SLICK 50 One Lube. When nothing else works, this is The solution

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