Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Roll over …….or at least keeping it together if …… well you know what happens

We are moving on with our project and it's now time to start with the roll cage.

 With the rule book in our hand, that gives us guidance regarding choice of material and tube size, we're moving on step-by-step.
Steel will be used, since low weight is not of high importance. Our aim is to use 1 3/4 inch outer diameter with 1/8 inch thickness. If we would had used stronger Chrome Molly tubes and been able to go down in thickness, but since we even want a little bit of weight rather than weight reduction, we'll go for the good ol' steel.
Through an excellent contact, we've had the opportunity to get some of the bends designed in CATIA, which means that we can use a modern computerized bending machine, which will give us super precision tubes and less cutting, welding and frustration...we think...

We have a first edition of Catia drawings which we needed to check and give some more input to.

Magnus is checking all details and preparing for some practical evaluation.

On paper is one thing, but the reality maybe something different. Magnus is trying to see what it will be like when ready.

All in all, we came up with a number of needed drawing adjustments before we start to bend and weld.

Will we manage to build our sheltering cage?

Follow our progress in the next thrilling episode of The Roll Cage and you’ll find out!

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