Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rear end set up chapter 3

The rear end story continues.

Once again, the sun was shining over Gothenburg, but we've all got our spring tan and were really longing for the cosy workshop.  So there we were, inpired since friday and ready to carve some metal. Several different tweaks and details in the rear-end set up has been evaluated and discussed, as it seem to us... forever...

We have chosen to continue with what we judge as a pragmatic compromise between all types of choices. Not nessecary the absolutly best one but a practical solution for our application. We were now keen to continoue and get going. Since we're restless for Speed...

We had a good day in the garage today. We were able to split the work between us, which secured a  quick progress.

Besides many hands,  good equipment helps a lot and the band saw for metal (we love it!), milling machine (good ol' Swedish SAJO), our small lathe and of course the mig and tig welding equipment offered us a good start.

Håkan were busy fabricating the shock and spring console (the one you saw in chapter 2 as masonite  mock ups)  in steel all though with some minor changes.

 Step by step were getting there...

Meanwhile I rearranged the forward plates for the for the rear axles. We preferred to milden the drag race behavior of the rear axle and go for a more parallel rods. We also added a rubber bushing on the top point instead of the uni ball, to avoid geometrical lock up and friction caused by that. 
Welding makes life seem brighter for a short while... and our 4-link fixed to the frame forever.  

Yes, we will build more structure and conect it to the roll cage.

Meanwhile Anders fabricated the panhard bar set up. Where to connect to the frame? ...and to the rear axle? Above you see how we connected the bar to the frame. Structure for strength to be added later on. We are as well planning to use the uniballs from the rear axle bars that we choose to replace with rubber bushings.
Panhard bar mocked up complete. But we need to fix it somewhere to the rear axle...

...Anders is evaluating how and where to fixate in the rear axle. Probably we will fix it to the spring and damper console that Håkan made.

Nevertheless, we started some months ago with some parts from Competition engineering by Moroso.
Not a bad start.

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