Thursday, June 19, 2014

What a wonderful world! It's Midsummer!

Life is good !

Especially when you celebrate….. 

Midsummer in Sweden !

This is the longest and lovliest day (in Sweden)!

Sun's going up eleven past four in the morning and down quarter past ten in the evening.

Why sleep the time away when you can be in the workshop or have a party?

Not to not burn daylight becomes serious business, now when you can cut the sleep and do useful stuff.

Luckily, we have our headquarters in the southern part of Sweden. Up north in the remote part of the world the sun is on all night and day. Like it or not, it's the midnight sun. Bring your blindfolders if you need darkness to sleep good.

In Sweden, midsummer is a very important and a big celebration, meaning that we will be celebrating as if we had a party outside the SSR workshop in the spring. As if it was Friday 17th of May 2014.

At midsummer almost everybody in Sweden has a day from work and we're in to it as if it was Thanksgiving in US...shops closed, social event etc.

Wanna know more about the Nordic midsummer? Type in:

In Sweden this year, we've had an early nice summer and all the tree flowers, all are young and fresh and everything looks just fantastic. The sea is on the borderline of being warm (maybe around 19 deg C).

Above means that we'll have good time tomorrow with family and friends while we're dancing the Small Frog dance, drinking Snaps (local booze) and eating herring (a kind of fish), while collecting flowers (at least seven different types) to put under the pillow, to dream've guessed it already...Speed parts...that the few hours of dark!

We'll be in the workshop again on Sunday to continue our important work, but for now...

...the SSR team...

...wish all of you, from all of us...

A Happy Midsummer!!!

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