Saturday, August 23, 2014

Better safe than sorry - Safety Delivered!

Massive torque & power are a serious things.

How to transferee liquid energy to usable force is easy to explain, but it's still magic and amazing! 

To feel the force transformed into acceleration and speed, which is daily experience for most of us, might be a common thing and not very exiting.

But at a certain point, at a certain level, in a certain vehicle it's not anymore a question of transportation. It's something else... 

The acceleration and speed frightens, excites and provides an experience which awake all senses.
A beast needs, however, to be framed and tamed, which is why The Salt Slush Racing Team was happy when the SFI approved transfer case arrived.  
Yes, we'll have to make an adapter...but we have milling machine (-s), so we're good!

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