Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Speed Tour Cont.

In absence of Salt and Speed, we took the opportunity to visit people in California that really could provide positive energy and cheer us up!

Since all of us, especially Anders, are interested in the art of forming sheet metal, we visited Lazze Jansson in Pleasanton, CA.
After talking about cars, hot rods and Land Speed racing, Lazze showed his facilities and gave us a quick how-to form sheet metal demonstration.
When his experienced hands beautifully formed the metal, the inspiration was flowing and I saw myself surrounded by all Lazzes machines, creating a Bugatti 57sc body, just because I could… but Pling! Back to reality.

We looked at all sheet metal forming machines that Lazze develop and produce in his workshop and he did not only show us how to form sheet metal, but gave us as well the advise to follow our dreams. Which is most likely the best advise you can get if it comes from someone who has been there, done that!
We walked out the door energized by enthusiasm.

Carina, Anders and Lazze in Lazze's Workshop/School/Factory 

As we drove south on highway one towards L.A, we realized that we were still in need of a Land Speed Racing inspiration and information, which is why we contacted another source of knowledge, experience and inspiration. We called Erik Hansson, a person who’s really competing in Land Speed Racing (both at El Mirage and Bonneville).
We spent hours in his garage discussing technical do’s and don’ts, how this racing form really works and to study his Bonneville racers, both his Bomb tank (which we’ve shown before) and is next racer, which is currently being built.

Erik has really designed and built every part of his the racers himself and it's fair to say that he has not necessarily chosen to start by taking the easiest way.
We now know a lot more about what matters in terms of security, tires, how to get the license, parachutes, cooling, front end, rear end, ground clearance and lead.
Thanks a lot Erik!
When Erik offered me to make a dry test of his soon-to-be-ready racer I took the opportunity, since I learned that it's always good to exercise.

In the beginning it was a little bit difficult… but eventually I got there. I started to think about eating sallad and drinking water by some mysterious reason. 
Carina and myself left Erik's place full of inspration and information, happy and tired after nice long day. 

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