Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Perfect Speed Tour with Major problems

I'm not sure if you remember...if you don't, Salt Slush Racing Team is currently in US.
For vacation? No way.
We're only here to understand the high speed racing. No amusement. Just to study and understand.
Initially everything seems to turn out as planned.
We've picked up our rental car.
 After a good nights sleep we went to Moon to buy some stuff and to...
...look at a real Bonneville racer, which was being prepared for Bonneville Speed Week. We really appreciate the good discussion and the generous openness at Moon!

Before leaving Seal Beach we drove over to Huntington Beach to have a look in Chip Foose Shop in order to get some inspriation from The Hot Rod Picasso.

Maybe not a winner on the Salt, but a piece of art!
To experiance the creativity at Foose workshop is really amazing. A workshop in which big dreams are being materialized into steel with simple tools and and mindblowing commitment to art and cars.
Finally, we left Seal Beach and took off for San Dimas.
At SoCal Speed Shop in Pomona, we had the possibility to look at a Bonneville racer with amazing attention to details. I would like to take the opportunity to thank SoCal for the good and enthusiastic discussion!

Waiting to perform on the Salt.
After breakfast on Saturday morning we got the bad news. We read SCTA website and were in contact with a friend on site. Bonneville Speedweek 2014 was cancelled due to bad weather and a flooded track. A very sad moment....especially since this is the second time I travel to US in vain to take part in a Speed Event. 
When we tried to get over our sorrow we were advised to go to the NHRA museum, which was really rewarding. Numerous iconic race cars distracted our minds from Speedweek 2014. 
After a beer or two, then we were ready to go to sleep for an early start.
The Pomona Swap meet...a strong reason to be an early bird.
In order to get some Feel for Speed, we rounded off the Swap meet with a visit at El Mirage, The Mother of Land Speed Racing. A contemplative, dry, and very warm place which makes you wants to go fast...
  El Mirage's hard and dusty surface...which seems very attractive,  in some odd way.

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