Saturday, August 2, 2014

We need to prepare and to get back on track.

Yesterday on Swedish televission there were a program by Anne Lundberg called "Anne på väg" in which different people were interviewed.  They visited their roots and starting point for their Journey in life.
If you want to see the program go to SVT play

In the second episode 2 Tina Thörner was interviewed meanwhile visiting her roots from Säffle,Värmland, Sweden. It really moved and touched me and most of all made me start to think. You should know that Tina is big and famous within the Rally and Motor world. In Sweden she's even bigger and most of all you get the impression that she's a very true and fantastic person.

Anyhow it made me go to her web site were there's a lot of interesting stuff. One of the pictures kind of captured what we in SSR strive to be and what we have to focus.
All in all, we need to get the 3 forces below to match even better, and most of all, be the people we enjoy working with.

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