Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Flywheel is born!

We managed eventually to get all cavities milled, all holes drilled and all treads treaded.  Therefore it was time for the flywheel to be released from the milling table.  We looked at each other, without speaking a word. We grabbed the spanner and did what was needed to be done.
 Both Anders and I knew what the next step would be. To try to fit our new born one-of-a-kind, Volvo-to-Tilton-to-Tremec T56 Magnum flywheel to the crank.  Anders had milled the crankshaft hole a couple of hundreds of a millimeter over…but would it be ok???

The answer was YES! It did fit absolutely perfect. All 10 bold and slight press fit was ok! Success! It looks really good, feels like I can watch it for hours!

What remains now are som final adjustments before the Engine and Transmission assembly is complete. Currently we struggle with the Volvo to GM rear face of block be cont.

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