Sunday, September 28, 2014

Another day in Paradise at Ringön

And Anders made a a trip to the future !

Saturday we as usual spent some time in the garage.
Besides of working we have a lot to discuss and evaluate which we do during the fika.

We are rather confident for the future, autumn is here allthough we still need to handle a number of private matters before the winter, preparing the boat for the winter, Parking summer cars in extra garages , some garden work … but soon we are ready to focus even more.

We have now come to a point where we dare to start final welding of at least some parts and systems.

Me started to weld the plates for the 4 link  to the rear axle, rather tight and hard to reach all spots. But it will work out in the end.

Anders gives a hand and some needed advice. My welds where evaluated as OK but all could see and told me that I hadn't spent the last years at Chip Foose as a welder.

We still have some issues with the adapter from KL racing but to not slow us down and to enable the build of rear transmission mount we made some temporary arrangements. Carina is giving some final touches to the set up.

Anders just couldn't help him self. He closed his eyes and felt the cold and crisp desert air, the smell of adventure and the silence before all engines are started when only the wind and desert can be heard. 

He reported back after his visit to the future that it's just amazing and much more exiting then you can imagine and we were doing some serious speed.

You know we want that T-shirt.

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