Sunday, October 12, 2014

Design, Disappointment and Dedicated work

Sunday again. The SSR team meets with dedication in their eyes. The autumn had begun, the rain was about to stop and almost all of our cars and boats had been put to sleep.  All but one (it turned out) of us had found this autumn piece of mind, when you miss the summer, are depressed about the coming winter, but still can find relief in the slow undemanding period of the year when the sun goes down earlier and the workshop or garage is there for you with open arms!
Lars-Martin is working at the lathe.
Magnus, The blacksmith, makes progress with the transmission mounts. His seriousness is obviously absolute.
 Carina is by some reason really happy to work with the Salt Slush Racing AB webshop, where it soon will be possible to buy really cool race/street turbochargers from BWTS EFR!
  Meanwhile inside the Amazon, the whole team works with removing the transmission again in order to get access for welding and as well enable design of the transmission mount as well as the frame and roll cage structure. We're really trying to think about serviceability as well since, we might need to repair stuff while in a stressful situatiuon in the middle of the dessert... 
As mentioned in the beginning, we've all found piece of mind, except Kalle who is on the verge to a breakdown since he cannot understand why his boat doesn’t really give full power and full speed every time. It’s complicated…
The frame structure is getting there, step by step. I’ve welded a lot today. The frame is getting fixed and ridged. The contraption that we call our Landspeed racer, starts to look fast and nice.
Magnus and Anders now have an idea of how the roll cage eventually will look like. We'll soon fix it once and for all.

When we left the workshop the road was dry and the sun was shining. At this point in time is was about time to call it a day, drive home grab a beer and make some food. And recap the nice feeling of getting something done.

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